Reading 98–127 pushed back one week

Please make sure you read the section so you can get the most out of my review of it on Monday, 11/14.


Flickr time and Monday’s Critique

Just a reminder to share on flickr for some great feedback before Monday’s critique.

I also wanted to ask you to share your final alphabet on our group with the word ‘final’ in the name somehow so I can share it with future classes. (This is optional)

Monday’s Critique: This is our last critique, so you should have all of your elements up for feedback. This includes the layout of your final board (you can put fake text in for your descriptive paragraph if you’re still working on that). If you don’t show your work laid out as it will be in the final, you run the risk of not getting valuable feedback for the presentation of the brand (something that affected grades for some people for their alphabet posters). Don’t let a poor layout take away from the brand you’ve worked so hard to create!

Have a great weekend!

Typographer Ryan Gosling

My friend just gave me the heads up on this blog. I gotta say, I’m mystified by these obsessive memes featuring Gosling, but I will admit this is funny. Enjoy.

Final layout for your brand

In case you forgot, here’s a link to the examples of what your final boards for the airline project will be:

Ira on why it takes time to make good work

Quiz make-ups

Some of you have asked about making up quizzes when you are ill. Here’s how I handle that:

I offer one make-up quiz on the last day of class. It’s a combination of questions taken from all sections of the reading. You can only do one make-up.

On the last day of class, I’ll make time and it’s up to you to take the quiz—I will not notify you (keep good records).

Everyone wins!

Monday’s Critique (11/7)

Great job on today’s critique! It was great to hear you guys give each other honest and helpful feedback as well as accept that feedback and engage with the possibilities.

Next Monday’s critique will be the last for this project, which means you’ll need to bring in designs for ALL your elements so that you get feedback before it’s due. Here’s exactly what I want:

  • 3+ options for your plane livery
  • 2+ options for your suitcase label
  • 2+ options for your boarding pass (check earlier post for examples)
  • 2+ options for each of your additional elements (if you are choosing to do extras)
  • Logo refinements and variations as needed
  • Logo in black and white and color (make sure it works in both!)

You will have time after the quiz on Wednesday to work on this and to get feedback and mini demos if necessary.