Do soft grids like this…

Just a quick examaple of how you would use guides in Illustrator to make soft grids (in this case, the anchor element is the word DIN).


Set up your grid in Illustrator!


For the morning class, you’ll want to watch this as I realized I didn’t give you tips on creating a grid within Illustrator. For my afternoon class, I also sugguest you watch as this guy shows a great way of creating not only the margins, but also columns. Thanks internet! (That said, as I said again and again in class, grids are MUCH easier to set up in InDesign).


Want to learn about pattern design in Illustrator? TONIGHT!

Critique on 11/15, Monday

  1. 4 layouts for the front (expressive side) of your poster. These should be different ideas/visual approaches. Choose one typeface and stick with that one for all of your options.
  2. 5–7 sketches (each one being a different visual direction).
  3. 2 layouts per 8.5×11 sheet (as in image below).

Final Project: Type Specimen

Sorry about any confusion, but I accidentally posted my 224’s final project. Here is your actual brief:


More explanation tomorrow!

Reminder: Returned work is in the drawer

Work is returned in the drawer outside the classroom. It’s the second from the bottom and is labeled with my name.

You’ll probably want to grab your work as soon as possible to avoid theft.

I’ve gone ahead and taken the lock off the drawer for easier access. Hopefully students will respect the space and not steal.

Final board for Airline identity Update!

Please fit your identity on a 10×16 board. That means you can print 11×17 with crop marks for a clean, flush mounted board.